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The Family Of Faith In Business


Tools, Options & Solutions
For Improved Business Networking

Plus... How To Generate A Simple
Extra Life Improvement Income

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The Big Things
I Can Now Record Your Video Elevator Speech... Over The Interntet
And Make It Easy For You To Share!

Video Introduction Systems
How about your short and simple video introduction
   An Example

G6ten  www.g6ten.net
A business and workplace ministry founded on Galatians 6:10  G6ten is a support platform and resource center for Christ-centered business people and ministries.  
Basic participation is $35 per year.

Atlanta Networkers.com
On Line Business Expo / Business Card Exchange / Audio/Video Elevator Speeches
$15 Per Year Basic Business Card Exchange

FaceBook Self-Promotional MEME's
$20 Each

FaceBook Post Branding
2 for $10

You Can Easily Brand Your FaceBook
Posts & Comments

Digital Business Cards w/Active Links (I call them click cards)
Usable and shareable from virtually any phone, tablet or PC
Great especially for those in closed networking groups... to share one another
Great as a simple follow up tool - $20 or Less... One Time

Mobile Personal Web Site... Under $50 in a Day
This Can Be A Very Unique Video Follow Up System
My Link To The Above Page: www.meilermann.weebly.com

Closed Networking Group Sharing & Introduction Tools

Getting You Video Meeting Ready for Individuals & Groups
FaceFlow/ Zoom/G+/Skype

Live Video Networking Sessions / Video Office Hours
  Indivdiuals & Small Groups

How To Establish A Simple Extra Stream Of Income
Give me 15 minutes if you really could use the money.

Other Services And How I Can Help

I Can Easily Teach You Just About Anything Here...And More!
I Utilize Mostly Low Cost and Sometimes Free, But Always High Value Solutions

Business Card, Contact & Follow Up Management
  Including Google Docs & Gmail tips and techniques

Web Cam Networking & Communication
Easy & Unique Video Email Solutions
How to get others to look at your web site

Your Own Personal Introduction Web Site In A Day
  Tell more people about you... Help others to share you

Simple Audio & Video Tips, Techniques & Tools for your self-promotion... Including getting your A/V on YouTube.  And... Get Your A/V Introduction into your LinkedIn Profile

Using & Creating Email Templates for your productivity

Mini Mobile Web Sites  --  QR Code creation and use

Business Networking Productivity
How to never be out of business cards again
Know - Like - & Trust List -- Make One... Get On One!
PDF Click Card Referral Systems
Power Point Introduction & Follow Up Systems

How To Keep Track of just about anything.
How to get your audio or video on to your web site
Simple graphics and image creation and modification

Video meetings and conferencing

Using your tablet to demo your product or service