Do Something Simple To Help The People You Know, Like & Trust

Greetings from Michael Eilermann
This is a simple way for me to share, introduce and connect other people to one another. There is just not enough of introductions going around these days it does not seem.  Let's face it, nothing happens without a conversation, so let's together create more conversations for one another.

Audio About This Networking Blog
This Concept Will Also Work For You!

Clearly, these are not all the people I know, this is new, and it will in time grow, and consist of people I'm moved to include for some subjective reason.

I do ask most people before including them here in some kind of way, if they are interested in new conversations and connections, and... if they will respond to a telephone call from someone mentioning me or this networking blog.  If they say no... there is little possible way I will even think about sharing them, unless they do something that just begs to be shared.

As easy as it is to place people on this networking blog, it is just as easy to remove them.  Effective business networking is always give and take, and is a two way street among hopefully friends.

This is a great way to share the people you know, like and trust...
This is a great way to share service providers to your friends who just go to work everyday.
This is a great way to create new conversations, connections and collaborations.

Everyone Wins... With just a little simple zero cost effort from you.
I do hope you find value in the people you discover and connect with here
And I hope you find value in perhaps pursuing doing this kind of blog for yourself.

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