Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Savage, Dave

Dave Savage
Memory Keepers Video

There are many ways to use video for your business.
I record and edit video that you can use in your social media, website and internal training.

With my professional partner companies, I can provide any kind and level of video you can imagine or may have seen from others.

·      presentations to customers and prospects
·      conferences, seminars, workshops and classes
·      product and service promotions
·      product introductions
·      product demonstrations
·      product reviews of the items you sell and recommend
·      executive and staff presentations
·      corporate facilities or equipment training by your staff
·      training and demonstrations by vendors.
·      post sale support and maintenance
·      internal communications
·      new employee orientations and task training – This is how we do it and what we expect.
·      event/conference and trade show documentation
·      history and background on why things are done a certain way
·      HR, health, legal & safety information for your employees
·      video press releases and  PR support materials
·      community relations video - how you support the community – show event participation
·      mastermind and adviser discussion sessions
·      Q&A – and training with the experts within your organization.
·      employee recruitment - what makes your organization a great place to work?
·      focus group market research
·      investor tours and meetings with good customers
·      interviews with lost customers – what lessons will you learn?
       facility tours